Four Strategies For Getting Fit Outdoors [Infographic]

May 19, 2014 Exercise

Are you stuck with not knowing what to do outdoors when exercising? This brand new infographic will help you come up with some great ideas to help you get fit, have fun, and continue your lean strong body journey. Click the image below to get instant access to the infographic! Click Here To View The […]


How Food and Calories are Processed In The Body [Infographic]

May 2, 2012 Exercise

Have you always wondered how the food we eat is used by our body? If you answered yes you are in for a treat! Click the picture below to get instant access to the infographic that explains the process from A-Z! Get the facts on weight gain, fat loss, and energy use for the calories […]


Best Workout Songs

March 14, 2012 Exercise

A key part to reaching your lean strong body goal in the most efficient way possible is to integrate effective workouts with a strategic healthy eating plan. While going to the gym for you may seem like a grueling task to check off the to do list, listening to music while working out is a […]