New Lean Strong Body Community Facebook Group Launched

January 27, 2014 Other

To help you achieve your health and wellness goals faster, I have decided to create the Lean Strong Body Community Facebook Group. This facebook group will allow all of us to support one another along our lean strong body journey. If you decide to join this group, you will get access to exclusive tips, tricks, […]

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Healthy Shopping List – Fat Burning Foods

July 5, 2012 How To

By Scott Bradley – LeanStrongBody.com Founder When going to the store, it is always a smart thing to know what you are planning to buy as you continue along your Lean Strong Body journey. As you begin to see positive results and changes in your body, you are going to discover that you will grow […]


Why a New Fad Diet Won’t Help You Reach Your Lean Strong Body Goal

March 20, 2012 Other

At the beginning of every January, millions of individuals make a resolution to lose weight and get healthy. Unfortunately, many of these individuals make a serious mistake by choosing to follow a fad diet to reach their weight loss goal. In this article you will discover why fad diets don’t work over the long run, […]


Best Workout Songs

March 14, 2012 Exercise

A key part to reaching your lean strong body goal in the most efficient way possible is to integrate effective workouts with a strategic healthy eating plan. While going to the gym for you may seem like a grueling task to check off the to do list, listening to music while working out is a […]