Why a New Fad Diet Won’t Help You Reach Your Lean Strong Body Goal

At the beginning of every January, millions of individuals make a resolution to lose weight and get healthy. Unfortunately, many of these individuals make a serious mistake by choosing to follow a fad diet to reach their weight loss goal. In this article you will discover why fad diets don’t work over the long run, and will learn about a better way to successfully reach your goal.

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

There are many reasons why fad diets don’t work, but the main reason why they aren’t smart to follow, aside from being incredibly unhealthy, is because the majority of fad diets are not sustainable, and are very difficult to maintain over a persons lifetime. This fact directly contributes to individuals going on a fad diet, losing a ton of weight, and then gaining it all back faster than they lost it (people suffering from yo-yo dieting).

Because most fad diets require individuals to eat crazy foods, and do non-normal things to their bodies, it is extremely difficult to maintain these weird eating and behavioral habits. Not to mention, some of the things these crazy diets make you do is utterly ridiculous (e.g. drink this weird combination of lemon juice and hot sauce, and nothing else for 5 days).

Thinking that you can just follow a weird regimen chocked full of “quick-fix” focused food and eating tricks to lose 10 pounds in the next 5 days, with the belief you will be doing your body good is simply a pipe dream.

The Facts

Our bodies need nutrients from all different types of food, which is why it is important that you eat a well balanced diet full of proteins (e.g chicken), carbohydrates (e.g veggies and grains), and fats (primarily healthy fats).

The key is knowing how to eat these foods in a strategic way, and pairing that with a workout program that suits your work schedule best, so that it becomes a lifestyle instead of a situation that causes yo-yo dieting madness, paired with years of frustration.

With most fad diets, when you start cutting out the specific types of foods your body needs to function properly it just isn’t healthy!

The Solution: Create A New Lifestyle

If you really want to lose that first 10 pounds, or be well on your way to a lean strong body, it is important that you commit to making a brand new lifestyle change to help you reach your goal and maintain your new healthy body. You can forget thinking about the “quick fix,” and instead focus on creating life-long change.

There should be two parts that you should focus on with your new lifestyle plan.

1. How to eat food strategically to help keep your body in a fat burning mode

It is true, there are ways to eat to help your body maintain its fat burning state. To keep it simple, the best way to do this is to eat a lean protein and healthy whole grain carbohydrate every meal you have. If you want to freshen it up a bit you can add a salad or other types of vegetables to your meal.

2. A workout program that works with your schedule and is effectively structured to get you results fast (within three months)!

When you pair healthy eating, and working out it is an amazing combination that will help you achieve your goals faster, and help you feel better than you ever have before!

Hopefully this website continues to be a resource for you to help you master the two things above for your life, and if you have any questions about the various workout programs we recommend or any information on this website, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • http://www.Agatha-K.com/ Agatha K, The Fun Money Nerd

    I’ve actually found that eliminating wheat/gluten has done wonders for my body. It has made all the difference in my weight, my energy, & my skin. I agree with you that you can’t pick a fad diet or approach a new way of eating as a temporary thing. This is the way I eat for life now.

  • Dave

    Going gluten, grain and legume free is the ticket. Eating grains as a healthy lifestyle is the most over sold bill of goods along with low fat diets. Research the topic I dare you!