Fat Burning Recipe: Turkey Burger With A Twist

If you are looking for a fat burning recipe that satisfies your taste buds, keeps you feeling full, and ties you over for at least 4 hours until your next meal, you are going to love this incredibly simple recipe! The best part is that it takes less than 5 minutes to prepare!

Below is a picture of each ingredient you will need.

Turkey Burger Ingredients

In that picture I have…

*Claussen sadwhich slice pickles (Find this at your grocery store)
*Athenos spicy three pepper hummus (Find this at your grocery store)
*Amylu turkey burgers (Find these at Costco)
*Cuties (aka Clementines) (Find this at your grocery store or Costco)


1) Put a turkey burger in the microwave and heat it up for 1:00
2) When the turkey burger is done put a tablespoon of hummus on top of the burger (spred it)
3) Take three Claussen pickles and add them to your plate
4) Add 3 Clementines to your plate as dessert

Turkey Burger With A Twist

Why This is A Fat Burning Meal

Turkey – This is a great protein that is good for the body, and by eating this clean protein your system will work to break it down!

Spicy Hummus – The peppers and oils in hummus are a one-two punch. The spice of the peppers has been shown to boost metabolism, and the oils are the type of oils that help your body release fat (as long as you continue to feed yourself enough calories every day).

The pickles and fruit are great ways to get other veggie and fruit carbs into your body leaving you satisfied long enough before your next meal!

Mix and Match

You can take this staple of a meal and add to or take out certain things to make it whatever you want it to be! There will be more iterations of this meal going forward so stay tuned!

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