A Healthy Snack With A Yummy Protein Filled Crunch

Healthy Snack With Protein

By Scott Bradley, Founder of Lean Strong Body

If you have ever wanted to enjoy a crunchy snack, but didn’t want to fill your body with unhealthy potato chips, ips are the answer to your and my prayers!

If you are still trying to figure out how to pronounce the name of the brand…

ips = “rhymes with ‘chips'”
IPS = Intelligent Protein Source

I think it is so brilliant how the company came up with the name, and how it integrates beautifully with their product.

I initially found out about this amazing product last year while browsing the tables at the Natural Products Expo West trade show.

I was blown away that a crunchy snack like this could have 7 grams of protein per serving, and on top of that I couldn’t believe it is was made out of egg white protein. It literally tasted like a potato chip, but was so much better for my body!

The amount of innovation that went into the creation of this yummy snack is something that can’t be ignored!

Ips go great as a stand alone snack, or as an addition to a healthy sandwich for lunch or dinner! You can also eat this product before your workout because it has a perfect balance of protein and carbs!

They come in 4 different flavors, aged white cheddar, BBQ, cinnamon sugar, and sea salt and black pepper. I love every single one of them!

The thought of choosing a favorite flavor is so difficult because each one has it’s own unique thing about it that I like.

I hope you pick up some ips for yourself! I guarantee you will love them too!

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