How To Eat Healthy As A Busy Entrepreneur While Traveling – 9 Tips

As an entrepreneur or busy professional managing a company or organization, I am sure you can relate to being on the go most of the time, with erratic food options and eating schedules. This post was created specifically for you, because we want to give you some rules and frameworks to follow to help you reach your Lean Strong Body goal, no matter how busy or crazy your schedule is!

As stated throughout this entire website, 70% of achieving a Lean Strong Body is based upon what you put in your mouth, how often you put food in your mouth, and in what quantities you eat it on a consistent basis throughout the day. Without the right fuel for your body to use, the chance of achieving a Lean Strong Body is slim to none.

Here is what to do in those times where food choices may not be the absolute healthiest as you are on the road for personal or business purposes.

The bottom line is this.

When traveling be sure to follow these rules when eating even if there is bad stuff in the meal that is put in front of you, or if the choices are not up to your healthy eating standards.

1) Always eat a protein of some magnitude every meal no matter what

If you only eat a carb loaded meal (only pasta without any protein), you will spike your blood sugar and your body will go in absolute storage mode…turning most of the meal into fat.

Protein Options – turkey, fish, chicken, steak, protein shake

2) Always find a way to integrate whole grains into your meal

This goes in alignment with the “Lean Strong Body Pillar” of always mixing a healthy lean protein with a healthy whole grain carb.

For example – whole wheat bun, whole wheat table bread, oatmeal

3) Only drink water, and stay away from sugary sodas and juices

Soda and juice have a ton of sugar in them, and also will spike your blood sugar, and fill your body with unnecessary calories that will most likely be stored as fat. It is always best to follow the advice of “never drink your calories” because it is very easy to drink 150 calories in just one glass of juice/soda.

Personal Tip- Water with lemon is a great way to spice up the taste of water.

4) If you have to eat “unhealthy,” only eat half of the dish allowing the waiter to take the rest

There are times where you will have no choice but eat what is in front of you. Eat enough to be satisfied, and let the waiter take the rest away, or throw the rest in the trash if you are in between meetings.

5) Be sure to eat at least three meals a day…or 5-6 small meals throughout the day

This keeps your metabolism rolling, and helps you maintain a consistent state of energy throughout the day.

6) Bring healthy snacks with you to tide you over in-between meals

When you have healthy snacks available to eat while on the go it makes time in between meals easier to manage.

For example – almonds, peanuts, whole grain crackers, baby carrots

7) Ask to have dressings and toppings put on the side so you are able to control how much you use

Many dressings and toppings have a lot of hidden fat and unhealthy chemicals that confuse your system. When your system is confused, it normally turns whatever is confusing it to fat. Avoid these at all cost if you can.

8 ) It is better to eat something, compared to not eating anything at all

Your body needs calories, and it is better to feed it calories even though they may not be the healthiest, compared to starving yourself. Just keep calories in mind when doing so.

9) If you can, pack food in your suitcase that is easy to travel with

For example – Packing oatmeal and/or protein shakes is an option.

We hope this article was helpful, and gave you some effective ideas to help you eat better on your next trip, or busy day of appointments with clients or customers.