How To Lose Your First 10 Pounds Email Course

Below are the list of e-mails that were included in the “How To Lose Your First 10 Pounds” Email Course! Each link will take you to a separate page for you to review or print out the previous e-mails I sent you.

1 – How I Lost 52 Pounds, and Your First Step

2 – The Second Important Lesson

3 – Creating Tasty Healthy Meals Fast

4 – Time To Workout!

5 – The Key Ingredient To Your Weight Loss Success

6 – Tasty Breakfast Ideas

7 – Yummy Lunch and Dinner Ideas

8 – Your After Workout Meal

9 – The 5 Fat Burning Foods

10 – The Biggest Mistakes People Make

If you have any questions about the content in the e-mails, be sure to contact Lean Strong Body to get your questions answered!