NutriBullet Review: The Good, The Great, and The “Oh My God This Machine is Awesome!”

By Scott Bradley – Founder

If you have been searching for a machine that creates the most nutritious juiced drinks from raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but aren’t willing to pony up the $400-600 to buy a Blendtec or Vitamix blender, you are in luck because the NutriBullet will fill all of your needs at 1/4 the cost of those expensive blenders.

Not only can you make nutritiously blended drinks (aka “NutriBlasts”) with any combination of fruits and vegetables, but even better you can make your own peanut and almond butter as well with the “Milling Blade” attachment!

What Makes The NutriBullet Such A Powerful Machine?

1) Annihilates the Cell Walls of Food When Blending

The box for the product says, “You may be what you eat, but you really are what you absorb.” The truth is that the majority of the food you and I eat on a daily basis isn’t effectively absorbed into our system. Once food hits the stomach, it needs to be broken down before it will be able to hit the blood stream. During the process, most food is lost in translation and isn’t fully absorbed.

The NutriBullet helps your system bypasses the “breaking down phase” in the stomach because the machine breaks apart the cell walls of the food you blend, so when you consume what you make, the phytonutrients, micronutrients, and other key nutrients and vitamins get into the blood stream in the fastest most efficient way possible.

Normal blenders merely “chop and mix” giving you a pulpy mess that doesn’t effectively absorb into the body. Watch the video below to see what I am talking about.

2) Minces Seeds and Blends Nuts To A Pulp

It is recommended that in every NutriBlast you make, that you add what is called a “boost.” Boosts are typically either one of the following seeds/nuts: flax seeds, chia seeds, almonds, cashews, walnuts etc. My personal favorite so far is flax seeds, due to the high amount of Omega oils contained in a tablespoon of seeds!

By breaking down the seeds, your body is able to get the amazing nutrition found in each type of seed/nut, while also providing your digestive system with the necessary amount of fiber to keep things regular!

Why I Personally Love This Machine and Recommend You Buy It

*The energy I feel 60 seconds after drinking my NutriBlast is so noticeable, and continues throughout the day.

*I am easily able to get the required amount of fruits and veggies into my diet, and know that every last nutrient is effectively absorbed into my body without anything going to waste. (This optimally fits into the Lean Strong Body eating and lifestyle plan!)

*The fiber is not removed from the food. (With most juicers on the market, the fiber is removed…not with the NutriBullet!)

*I know drinking this before breakfast, and lunch is going to take my personal health and well being to the entirely new level: Increasing circulation and keeping me young looking and healthy.(I am all about making continual improvement in my life and this will only add to the progress I make each day)

*One of my favorite foods to eat is almond butter. Now I will be able to make it myself!

*I can easily take the product with me while traveling.

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