NutriBullet Review: The Good, The Great, and The “Oh My God This Machine is Awesome!”

By Scott Bradley – Founder

If you have been searching for a machine that creates the most nutritious juiced drinks from raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but aren’t willing to pony up the $400-600 to buy a Blendtec or Vitamix blender, you are in luck because the NutriBullet will fill all of your needs at 1/4 the cost of those expensive blenders.

Not only can you make nutritiously blended drinks (aka “NutriBlasts”) with any combination of fruits and vegetables, but even better you can make your own peanut and almond butter as well with the “Milling Blade” attachment!

What Makes The NutriBullet Such A Powerful Machine?

1) Annihilates the Cell Walls of Food When Blending

The box for the product says, “You may be what you eat, but you really are what you absorb.” The truth is that the majority of the food you and I eat on a daily basis isn’t effectively absorbed into our system. Once food hits the stomach, it needs to be broken down before it will be able to hit the blood stream. During the process, most food is lost in translation and isn’t fully absorbed.

The NutriBullet helps your system bypasses the “breaking down phase” in the stomach because the machine breaks apart the cell walls of the food you blend, so when you consume what you make, the phytonutrients, micronutrients, and other key nutrients and vitamins get into the blood stream in the fastest most efficient way possible.

Normal blenders merely “chop and mix” giving you a pulpy mess that doesn’t effectively absorb into the body. Watch the video below to see what I am talking about.

2) Minces Seeds and Blends Nuts To A Pulp

It is recommended that in every NutriBlast you make, that you add what is called a “boost.” Boosts are typically either one of the following seeds/nuts: flax seeds, chia seeds, almonds, cashews, walnuts etc. My personal favorite so far is flax seeds, due to the high amount of Omega oils contained in a tablespoon of seeds!

By breaking down the seeds, your body is able to get the amazing nutrition found in each type of seed/nut, while also providing your digestive system with the necessary amount of fiber to keep things regular!

Why I Personally Love This Machine and Recommend You Buy It

*The energy I feel 60 seconds after drinking my NutriBlast is so noticeable, and continues throughout the day.

*I am easily able to get the required amount of fruits and veggies into my diet, and know that every last nutrient is effectively absorbed into my body without anything going to waste. (This optimally fits into the Lean Strong Body eating and lifestyle plan!)

*The fiber is not removed from the food. (With most juicers on the market, the fiber is removed…not with the NutriBullet!)

*I know drinking this before breakfast, and lunch is going to take my personal health and well being to the entirely new level: Increasing circulation and keeping me young looking and healthy.(I am all about making continual improvement in my life and this will only add to the progress I make each day)

*One of my favorite foods to eat is almond butter. Now I will be able to make it myself!

*I can easily take the product with me while traveling.

Ready To Buy?

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  • Crgsen

    Is this a unique blender or is there comparable blenders with same specs?
    (eg. using 600w, able to  achieve similar results)

    What makes this a more nutrient blending processing blender compared with normal blenders?

    • Lean Strong Body

      Crgsen – Thanks for your comment. I haven’t seen a blender with the same type of specs for the price. 

      As it states in the article, this blender is focused on breaking down the cell walls of the food you blend, which opens up the key nutrients our bodies need. Let me know if you have any further questions!

      • Stars

        I live in Australia so we don’t have these yet here. My question however though is, is the Nutri Bullet stronger than the Vitamix? As I have a Vitamix and just wondering what all the fuss is about when it also ‘breaks down foods at a cellular level’. Cheers :)

        • Lean Strong Body

          Stars – I feel like it has many of the same functionalities of a Vitamix, for 1/4 the price. 

          • Stars

            Thanks for that! I’ve heard back from the Nutri Bullet team and it won’t be here for a while (damn we get everything last!) so will grab one the moment I see it :)

          • Virginia Cooke

             I’m also Australian and am thinking of buying one. There are some available through the Amazon store. Perhaps we could buy from there and just use a power adapter?

          • InOz

            Virginia, did buy one and get converter? We didint think it had the right power range for Australia. Would love to know how that worked out

          • Ellie

             You can’t use any electrical items from the US because they’re designed for 110v not 240v – unless they have converters built in to them like anything that needs charging, eg phones, cameras and laptops.  It’s a major bummer.

          • Jewels

            I got one through David Wolfe’s Longevity Warehouse & it arrived super quick.
            When I plugged it in to use today via a USA to Australian adaptor the NutirBullet engine had sparks & smoke coming out!!!!
            So don’t get one from the USA wait until they are available in Oz :0)

          • Barbydol Crymeseen

            Lol its cause they use 110v we in aust use 240v

        • mike

          I just bought it and it is really unique.  No it is not as strong as a vitamix, but do you really need to grind up broomsticks?   IMO it has all the power that you need.  It makes short work of everything I have put in including carrots, apples, ice, cellery, ect.   It has a small footprint and cleans up really easy.   For the typical home user, it is going to take out the high end blenders.  Yeah, you will retire your big bulky dinosar, vitamix.  It is that good.

        • Dorina

          I’m wondering the same thing about this “cellular wall” stuff — is it just hype? Or is this a fact that only happens with the Nutriblaster and the result really is better nutrient absorption?                                               I have a Cuisinart “smart stick hand blender”. It comes with a cup and I just threw in a bunch of stuff a (flax, berries, avocado, banana, greens, mango), added vegetable protein powder and some water, stuck the blender in (submerge-able)…isn’t it the same thing?                                               Anyone know about this cell wall stuff?

          • Jamie Vinson

            all the good stuff is held within the cell by the cell wall. Breaking the cellular wall would release the goodies!

        • Lory8888

          No, Vitamix is much more powerful in every way

  • Kathleen

    I bought a Nutribullet, and I love it too. However, it’s inaccurate to say that juicing removes the fiber. Yes, juicing does remove insoluble fibers: the stalks from kale from instance – things our bodies normally would not really digest anyhow. Juices do still contain soluble fibers, so you can’t discount that. 

    I am a huge fan of both methods. I have a juicer also, but I wanted a method that also functioned as a meal replacement – not just a nutrient rich drink to jumpstart my day. And I do somehow feel that the Nutribullet holds on to much more nutrition. 

    I, too, struggled with the idea of purchasing a vitamix, so when I learned of this option, I was pretty excited and even more so when I realized it was just as effective at home as it appeared to be on TV. Plus, I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased it for $80 because I had a 20% off coupon. You just can’t beat that. 

    I’m happy with it. Cheers!

    • Lean Strong Body

      Thanks for your comment Kathleen! What a deal!

    • Todd Gursslin

      I’m going to go tomorrow. I have been using the Jack Lolien juicer for about 2 years , I love my energy , but in my 30s I’m getting concerned with the fiber I should be taking in. Any raw nutrient is amazing, I refuse to cook them. My mother has diabetes and she’s been using my juicer and her blood sugar stays in control as long as she juices. I can’t wait to check this out , and the clean up looks easy. I seen in infomercial and I did not believe it liquifys everything until I read all your comments. Stay healthy everyone and thank you for your feedback!

    • Anon

      I just wanted to point out that insoluble fiber is what makes these types of smoothies a meal replacement vs. just a vitamin rich drink c: It is what keeps you feeling full.

  • guest

    I am not impressed……it leaks, its noisy, I still have to strain everything……been waiting weeks to get some phantom return sticker……what a pain!

    • Lean Strong Body

      What do you mean, you have to strain everything. Could you be more specific? 

      • Carmelle

        I haven’t had to do ANY straining….?  I love mine:))))

    • Lil_bad_azzz

      Your just a FAT LAZY FUKK! Please stay that way, God Bless.

    • Diana Ross

      I didn’t screw on the top, and it leaked! After following directions, no leak? Hope this answers your question? Don’t put fruit or vegetables above the max line?

  • closet violinist

    Love it!  Leaked the first time, my fault, tightened a little tighter.  Found it gives a little leeway on the “max” line.  I’m doing more of a protein thing, spinach, carrots, 1/2 pear or apple, frozen blueberries, flax seed, almonds, cinnamon, greek yougurt, skim milk, and protein powder.  A few ice cubes cover up the pear texture.

    • Lean Strong Body

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

      • Cathyghelp

        I bought one Friday night. It was on sale at Kohl’s for $89.99. I had $40 in Kohls cash because I had to buy new smaller clothes. So I paid $45.04! What a bargain!

  • Bill

    can you add Ice to the nutribullet

    • Lean Strong Body

      Yes you can! 

      • Burbanmadness

        after you blend it all how long does it last,, i work a 12 hour day, id like to drink it 10 hours later

    • F4not4F

      Where are the answers? Can you put ice in it???

      • Ozbloke

        Wow read just above it says yes 2 months before you asked this question.

    • Claireashley83

      Definitely! Its great!

  • Triciamweb

    I just got my nutribullet and I don’t want this to be another item that goes on the shelf but the taste is HORRIBLE and the flaxseeds do not grind all the way.  Any suggestions? I am a person who loves fruits and veggies but this stuff is hard to swallow.

    • Lean Strong Body

      Tricia – What type of recipe are you putting together? If you need any great ideas be sure to check out the recipes page linked at the bottom of the post! 

      • Triciamweb

        I am using baby spinach or spring greens, blueberries, raspberies, or blackberries, apple or kiwi, avacado, flakseeds and almonds

        • Lean Strong Body

          Tricia – It takes some time to find a recipe that you like. I suggest that you visit the recipes page linked in the article that will give you some more ideas. 

        • Pumpkinseed76

          Kiwi seeds are bitter when ground up… I’d omit the blackberries too

        • Bianca

          I found the most flavour friendly recipe was baby spinach, watermelon, orange and chia seeds. Tastes like kiwi fruit and so far is the least pulpy.

      • Maria

        You should stick to the Nutribullet recipes until you’re comfortable with mixing the right fruits and veggies. I do find bananas a really ripe one to be a natural sweetener with every NutriBlasts I make.

    • Diana Ross

      Make sure you have more fruit, such as bananas,strawberries added. Sunflower seeds put in miller are salty. Use less than a tsp! I tried a variety of fruits, with raw spinach and it tasted great! I don’t use sunflower seeds because they are very salty! Mix and match fruit and vegetables! Enjoy!

      • Learned the hard way

        Shell the sunflower seeds first.

    • Meredith Costa

      My flaxseeds grind all the way. Are you giving it long enough when you “blast” it?

    • notabeliever

      I use pineapple juice and apples to sweeten my juice. I also put less of the flaxseeds or chia seeds so as not to overpower the smoothie. I think you have to practice with different combinations I go on pinterest for ideas on making smoothies.


    Does the Nutri Bullet crush ice ?

    • Lean Strong Body

      Yes it does! 

      • MINDY

        I went to the official nutribullet website and send them an email asking if this item will crush ice. The answer was no.
        They told me to check out their Party bullet.
        I ended up buying a Ninja. It crushes ice as fine as snow.

        • Lean Strong Body

          Mindy – If you added 1 or 2 ice cubes to your NutriBlast, it wouldn’t hurt. 

  • Bct322




  • Meera

    I know a food processor isn’t as good as the nutribullet and it doesn’t blend too well, but does it still help with better absorption?  I can’t exactly afford the nutribullet at the moment, so I was just wondering. Thanks!

    • guest

      If money is an issue you can go to their website directly and there’s an option of 4 or 6 payments. you don’t have to pay in full price.

  • Cathy

    Love my Nutribullet!  If it leaks it’s because you don’t have the “lid” on tight enough.  I always put a banana in with my other ingridents … for sweetness and creamy.  This machine is well worth the price.

    • Dolly Smith

      It can also leak because you’ve over filled the container.

  • Ellen

    Just bought a Nutribullet and made my first drink today. Can these be made a day ahead or do they lose their nutrient value like juicing ahead?

    • Lean Strong Body

      Ellen – It is always better to drink it as soon as you make it. 

    • Carmelle

      Yes, you can for up to 24 hours in the fridge, but best to drink it as soon as you make it;)

  • Lynn

    Will the nutribullet be at the CNE  this summer in Toronto??

  • Marty

    Can you put yogurt in the Nutribullet?

    • Diana Ross

      I did, and found it to be a thick drink? So, I put in fruit to blend with water and it came out great!

  • Jilly

    i just got my nutribullet today. i made a drink with spinach, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and some water up to the max line. all of the berries were frozen. the instructions say to not blend for more than one minute but mine still had lots of seed pieces left in the drink. i went back and blended it several more times but still had bits in it. any suggestions to get it to break down all the way so there aren’t gritty seed bits in there or is that just because of my berry choices?

    • Diana Ross

      Probably because of all your berry choices? I added strawberries,raspberries and a banana to my drink and found it was great! Haven’t tried frozen fruit yet, but one recipe tells you to use frozen banana and raspberries? Ice, afraid to try this, so will use my Ninja to cut ice. Got it during a Black Friday sale for less than 18 dollars? Love it!

      • Shery

        Are you sure it the NUTRI Bullet. If it is you can put ice in it

        • notabeliever

          You can put ice, only a few cubes, but unless you have the 900 you shouldn’t make the ice a practice. It dulls the blades. The ninja does crush ice though. I use the frozen fruits to make my shakes frothy…

        • Cheryl Lovell

          I put ice in mine each time, it says no more than 25% of the total though!

    • LSygnet

      Jilly, I bought this specifically because it said it broke down even little seeds. LIE. I’m sitting here with a seed laden protein shake, trying to gag it down. Getting ready to repackage and ship back ASAP. Not worth the $$$ for false advertising.

      • dykan

        even though 2 yrs ago replying for new readers – NOT a lie it is likely you did not buy a NUTRIBULLET – I usually have froen berries veg flax seeds and nuts and its not going to be like apple juice, but its smooth – even does kale stems – great product we use at least 2x a day

        • Insomnia4Ever

          Well, Richard, you’re kind of presumptuous to assume you know what I purchased when I had the piece of JUNK sitting in its NUTRIBULLET box right beside me as I typed my review. Stop shilling for the company and let reviewers share their experience without trying to convince the world that it couldn’t have been YOUR great employers GREAT product. It did NOT break down seeds as advertised.

          • Dolly Smith

            Have you tried using the milling blade on the seeds first to grind them into powder, then adding the powder? I’ve seen unbiased demonstrations of the Nutribullet milling seeds to powder, so it does work. The smoothies it makes can be bitty, but you need to experiment- try pulsing the machine & leaving it on for longer periods. This machine is not a juicer- a few bits didn’t hurt anyone.

          • Insomnia4Ever

            Yeah, I can read and follow instructions quite well. The product didn’t work as advertised. How much are they paying you to argue with people who found out the truth about this product and actually posted buyer-beware comments online?? And for people with diverticulosis, a few “bits” as you put it, can most certainly hurt people. Stop being a moron. You don’t know everything, nor do you have the ability to grasp why people would have a medical necessity to try to avoid consuming seeds of any kind for their health/well-being, avoiding hospitalization or potential surgery on the gut because of infections caused by SEEDS.

          • Dolly Smith

            Apparently you can read. What’s also apparent is your arrogance & paranoia. I posted the comment as someone who recently bought the product not as a David Icke sponsored shill for Nutribullet. No, the machine does not grind seeds completely ( you need to shell out a lot more for a Vitamix to do that, so buy one cheapskate ) & no I did not comment in order to promote the ingestion of seeds in order to potentially harm people who might read my comment you fucking lunatic.
            Get some sleep ffs.

          • Insomnia4Ever

            Classy… but indicative of your intellect. And um, other than the sleep comment, you should should recognize the insult you levied. Just look in the mirror, shill.

          • Ryan

            Why the hell are you so angry? My god, send the thing back and pay $400 for your vitamix if you can handle partially chopped seed. Also if people can medically get harmed by these seeds then why do people eat oranges, or eat raspberries with seeds? Quit being a p***y and drink the damn smoothies – because this product, for the price, does a damn fine job.

          • Insomnia4Ever

            You’re the one using vile language. Project much? You like a cheap inferior product that the manufacture sold with false advertising. I get it. Shill. Look it up. You fit the description. My experience still stands. It’s a lousy product that isn’t worth $5.

          • Eli

            Just bought one, I think it’s amazing. I bought the 900 watt version. Maybe you bought the 600 watt version. Either way I don’t know why you see the need to be such an ass.

          • Insomnia4Ever

            Wow… you’re just speedy as can be, aren’t you? Come into a conversation that began YEARS ago like some super smart know it all. You’re a fuckwit. Buzz off.

          • notabeliever

            Hey I have the 600 Watt version. (I’m a newbie juicer) and I love it. No chunky seeds in my drinks. Just a little grit which I like cause it entertains me to chew while i drink. LOL I can’t mess with negative and rude people. Its real simple, if you don’t like the product, comment on your experience and move on. There is no need to claim the company is engaging in false advertising. Sheesh.

          • notabeliever

            Ok. after reading some of your responses I can just tell you are plain rude and miserable. The people who are responding to you are only trying to help you and others get the best experience out of their product. No need to be such a miserable B** Fine, don’t juice, don’t have improved health, get old faster, don’t have improved energy. Bye Felicia

          • Insomnia4Ever

            You’re hawking cheap garbage. And no, I’m not miserable. I’m quite happy with products that do what they advertise, and I feel a moral obligation to announce BUYER BEWARE to people who might throw away their hard-earned money on junk. Your motivation appears to be the opposite… to lure as many gullible people into buying a worthless product as possible, and thus lining your pockets with their cash. And it’s fine that you think I’m a bitch. See ya RICHARD.

      • notabeliever

        are you sure it’s a nutribullet? I use all sorts of berries and it does break it down. I love almonds and walnuts so I often add those to my shakes in addition to chia seeds. I am a very picky drinker and I have no problem drinking it down. No gagging….

        • Insomnia4Ever

          Quite sure. I have a PhD, so yeah, literacy is a big deal in my life. So is honesty in advertising. This product is a scam, and I won’t be silenced by shills who come in and try to tell people that I didn’t buy what I bought or that I don’t know this product is junk.

          • Catyren

            The fakes are pretty convincing looking. I thought that I had bought a nutri bullet. Almost a year later it turns out it’s a fake. Group of us put in an order of them together through a rep, friend’s one broke so they called the company to get it fixed under warranty. Serial number wasn’t legit [You might consider giving the company a call to be sure.]. They look really convincing, packaging and booklet too. So don’t think that you’re being called stupid for people asking if you are sure you got the product. There are lots of fakes out there.

          • Earl King

            Apparently a PHD in being a total cunt.

  • Kristen Young

    Why is David Wolfe Fat – it it make you lose weight ?

  • Dougswen002

    If you do not want to buy this product – You can blend well in a cheap blender $ 29 and it liquifies too  – depends on the shape of the jar ‘ square is better.

    In the commercial – they picked the wrong cheap blenders and it was a bit missleading – I have used $ 29 blenders and made excellent green drinks and smoothies with nuts and vegetables – no chunks left alll liqufied…  Yes the bullet will work, yet not necessary.

    Also if it makes you lose weight – what about David Wolfe – it is a bit chunky these days ?

    Plus if you want to lose weight and get healthy – you need to exercise, cut out all junk food – eat a variety of foods mostly raw – use oranic produce – stop using all meat and dairy products.

    Juicing is also good / both are good – yet you should always use organic produce – something not advertised… Listen beyound th polished words for the truth.

    Blessings, Doug

  • dina

    can it shave ice ? and if it can do i just put like 3 cubes of ice and just turn it on? please tell thank you.

  • Winona Smitherman

    I bought this product and love it, i too had a juicer and gave it away to my neice. It was not cost effective since little amounts of juice alot fo wasted pulp and took 3 apples to get a glass of juice. I wanted to be able to have spinach or collards everyday without having to take the time to prepare the vegetable on the stove. It faster and easier and portable to make it in the Nutri bullet. 

  • Cathy In Florida

    How long does it currently take to receive a NutriBullet if I order it online?

    • Mary Alice in Colorado

      I ordered mine on 7/21 from the infomercial toll free number and received it yesterday (7/27).  Love it already!

      • Gwendolyn in Oakland

        Do you have the toll free number?

    • Mzinck

       go to Bed bath and beyond…$99.00…$80 with a 20% coupon!!!

      • Diana Ross

        Do you get the milling blade also? I did, and a large book, small book and a smaller purse size book to go with it? Cost more, but got extra cutting blade for milling bran from bran cereal!

        • Robert

          yes you get a milling blade with your order, works great too

    • Diana Ross

      It took me about 2 weeks! I wasn’t expecting it when it came, so I know it wasn’t long at all!

    • Robert

      I got mine in 7 days and I live in Ohio

    • Maria

      It took me 2 weeks and 1 day. I live in New Jersey.

      • Swt_thang68

         Took 2 weeks and I live in louisiana.  also might have come in sooner except for the fact that they had major snow storms affecting most middle states

  • Absonr

    I have had mine for four days and love it! The energy I get from my morning nutriblast lasts past lunch time. I read the reviews on Amazon and took the advice to check Target for the best price. Mine was 99.99 and came with a small recipie book.

  • Tami

    Hello, I purchased my Nutri Bullet 8 days ago off of the infomercial, I love this thing, I have already lost 6 lbs and believe me Im not fat to begin with but if my body is shedding weight then apparently I was doing something wrong before. I have made drinks with ice or greek yogurt, mostly with water to the fill line. Since starting this amazing drink( that I change each and every day) I am happier, my brain is sharper and I stopped having hot flashes. Plus I have turned my sister and 2 best friends onto it and they love it also. Thank You for making such a fantastic machine.

  • Mslovher

    This morning I blended spinach, kale, a celery stalk, and a green apple. My blend was sooo pulpy it looked like some from a pond, just nasty. I added water to the max but more pulp so I had to use strainer. I hate pulp

    • Diana Ross

      Did you add fruit and vegetables above the max line, I did, and I had to add more water to  
      get rid of the pulp? Now, I don’t add vegetables, above the max line!

  • babyweight

    Love the nutribullet! I read other comments and I personally have not had to strain anything.  No leaking and it completely liquifies.  I’ve used (organic) baby spinach, kale, banana, blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds and spring water.  It’s delicious and the energy boost is amazing.  I’m not one to buy As seen on tv, but my juicer was sitting there every morning too much work to do in the morning with little kids and working!



  • engineereagan

         And of course you do realize you may be slowly poisoning your body… Oh yeah they forgot to tell you about that in the infomercial! FACT: apple seeds cherry pits and and a lot of other seeds from fruits contain cyanogenic acids and consumption of enough of these can lead to death. You body is made to handle the occasional swallowed seed but not constant consumption.  Peaches, plums, almonds, pears, and apricots, contain cyanogenic glycosides plus a few more. Just swallowing your body absorbs a minimal amount but once chewed or broken up they become much more hazardous! Here are some signs in case you want to know:
          Symptoms of mild poisoning include headache, dizziness, confusion, anxiety, and vomiting. Larger doses can lead to difficulty breathing, increased blood pressure and heart rate, and kidney failure. Reactions can include coma, convulsions, and death from respiratory arrest. There are several treatment options, but the main thing is to limit the absorption of the chemicals from the seeds. Basically, this means it’s important to seek immediate medical attention if a child or pet is known to have eaten several seeds. Usually, the plan of action is to pump the stomach or induce vomiting. Antidotes are available, but they are somewhat controversial. If you or someone you know eats a seed or two, don’t worry… as I said, your body is well-equipped to detoxify small quantities of cyanide compounds. They naturally occur in several foods. However, if you were wondering whether or not it’s true that the seeds and pits are toxic and potentially lethal.

    • Lean Strong Body

      They distinctly tell you what seeds not to include. The seeds you mentioned are on the “Do not extract list” for the very reasons you mentioned. Thanks for your comment!

    • Diana Ross

      I read that, and I agree! You have to read the warnings before you add fruit? Cut it up and discard all seeds,pits and have fun! I love mine!

    • Jrl

      Uhh?  They do tell you a definate warnig about seeds and cyanide in the recipe booklet included with the box?  You must not own one and comment without having your facts.  They make it abundantly clear and highlite that warning!  Liberal much?

    • Maria

      when they said it can cut seeds they meant seeds you buy at Wholefoods: pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds etc. Not apple seeds, orange seeds etc. You have to read their recipes and you’ll know!

    • Bettymikey

       The user guide & recipe book that comes with the system tells you on page 2 in huge red highlighted blocks with the word ‘WARNING!’ not to include the following seeds in the Nutribullet: apple seeds, cherry pits, peach pits, apricot pits, or plum pits.  So, it is just a matter of reading the material before you use the system.  If you are going to use the system without reading the instructions, then that is your fault not the manufacturer’s.

      • SWT_THANG68


    • Lynnetta JOHNSON

      Yes they do, it’s on page 2 in red and black box letters. That’s why you need to read instructions and manual first.

  • jaxMom613

    can u process your own baby food like pea’s and other vegis and fruits? Safe for a 4 month old to eat?

    • 1cscheid

      Amazon sells a Baby Bullet w/free S&H.

  • Nedrais

    Can you put carrots in the Nutri Bullet….haven’t seen one receipe with carrots?

    • Jane Hawley Storey

      yup for sure….I have put carrots!

  • lizzie simmons

    i just order it can,t wait i have no teeth so it will help me with digestive issues also it will help me to stop eating so much junk any advice would love to have need to lose a lot of weight and just eat better esimmons thanks

  • Maria

    After a chance seeing NutriBullet’s infomercial I waited for 2 days to decide. Went online and checked the reviews and went on youtube to see actual people who bought it and tested it. With that I was sold and ordered on their website. Since then I’ve been using it every day – been 27 days now and counting. I LOVE IT! I haven’t had any leaks – the only time it did because i didnt screw it tight and i filled the water above the max – all my fault. Ever since I corrected myself it hasn’t leaked. Then I bought one for my mom’s birthday at Target Store. And it too did not leak. So those who have problems you didn’t screw it tight enough and/or overfill the cup to its capacity plus the liquid past the max line. All this create air pressure and leaks will occur. I always use the large cup perhaps you should use that instead of the small cups? I dont know. I do know it hasn’t leaked for me since I purchased one online and the other from a store where I went in and bought it physically. As for the Nutribullet breaking down the cellular wall – this I will say, I’ve been going to Jamba Juice and Elixir for my daily dose of smoothie and it hasn’t had changes on my over all well being as it is with Nutribullet. I noticed a change instantly with Nutribullet – my skin got clearer, had friends thinking I went to a new spa, lost weight, a headache gone after taking my first Nurtiblast, more energy and after 4 or 5 hrs of sleep I woke up feeling well-rested with an 8 hr of sleep. Postive changes occur instantly. My mother’s a lung cancer survivor, after taking her first NurtiBlast she noticed a change in her breathing. she didnt have to catch her breath like she normally do, thus she’s been breathing better than ever. She’s a believer thru and thru.

  • Antoniojrj

    I just purchased the Nutribullet because I need to make a signifcant change in my life by eating healthier and hopefully loosing weight.  Do you have to use organic fruits and vegetables?  Does Nutribullet have a website where we can see exactly what can be put in the cups (for example: serving sizes and actual pictures of each of the fruits/vegetables)? 

  • kyle

    All I will say is if you like it you like it if you dont you dont..But I tend to find most complainers just complain because they are not happy and deep down dont have it in them to truly change..They will always battle with weight issues,always have something negative to say and never TRULY be happy..Iv noticed that no matter what the product is, under the comment section,there are plenty of negative nancies..A little pulp,it doesnt crush ice,mine fkn hoo x10..We all know these people,always a reason why they CANT do something..I bet a lot of you here are one of them..You cant lose weight because you dont have time to work out, or healthy food is too expensive,and every time someone gives you options on tasty healthy food you find a reason to bash it down,mainly, “I dont like that”…Its like,you know what,nothing in the world is perfect and deal with it..You will never find a perfect person so how would you find a perfect product when unperfected people make the products..You complain about a product that can be used to change you into a healthy person, but dont have a negative thing to say about the burger you just mowed down…

  • K. Johnson

    I enjoy using my Nutribullet.   I am curious to know that since we are not suppose to combine fruit and vegetables, how does the Nutribullet extraction help our digestive system combining fruits and vegetables? 

  • Doctore Strangelove

    My wife got socked in with the infomercial. She called to order the #&* bullet with out my permission and they answer right away and took her order and credit card.  When the thing arrived, it performed as well as my blender, but no better. It can only make single servings, it has many pieces that take up lots of space and it does not replace the blender for everything. I called customer service to return it and then they took many days to return my call. I give zero star to this unnecessary item and negative ten stars to the customer service. I recommend not to ever buy this product. 

    • Saltcitybabe

      Your permission?  I she a minor?

    • La Resident

      “Your permission”… Wow. Sounds like a great marriage.

    • Swt_thang68

                             ” YOUR PERMISSION !!!!   REALLY  ?? ”
      1- The bullet is NOT designed to feed an ARMY at one sitting !!
      2- yes it has several pieces,  but is what….the motor, blade, the cup and the lid for
          blending !!  WOW, you call that alot ???  hardly noooo cleanup !!
          BLENDER !
                                    PRECIOUS  PERMISSION  !!!! 

  • 1cscheid

    Does anyone know delivery time? Just bought my NutriBullet 2 days ago off their website, but it doesn’t tell me how long it takes for delivery.  I’m ecstatic to get it.

  • Joyah Seaton


  • Lfd0311

    I love this thing, but i’ve been a little leery to use the Avocado because I’m not sure if I’m suppoused to peel it or not?

    • DetroitGirl

      I wouldn’t use much avo, DEFINITELY peel it!

      • Jane Hawley Storey

        avocado is great in it….do peel it….I use about 1/2 when I do use it….makes it very creamy and avo is very healthy for you!

  • DRLeisy

    The unit works well for me so far (2 weeks) but does not breakdown Chia Seeds in m juices.  Actually they often just stick to the cup.  I have tried to solve this by “cracking” a bag full and storing it in a container but I strongly feel that this kills off most potency. 

    All te talk about fiber.  This is a great product to use.  If you end up eating fiber that you do not digest it still has other purposes in your body.  Cleans you, holds poop as solid, eliminates hunger, and more.

    Always remember that if you use as a meal replacement to include proteins – for most people 40 to 65 grams per meal (3 meal a day plan).  Stay away from soy products, use organic whenever possible, never “extract” apple seeds, and not too many bananas . . . they have much more sugar than strawberries!  Oh they makes juices good though!  8)

  • Annie

    I’m 57 and struggled with low energy since I was about 17.  One nutriblast a day and my energy level is better then the young ones I work with.  Amazing!

  • Bizechick

    Just ordered mine…looking forward to drastic results

  • Zoe

    This is truly a wonderful machine. My husband bought me one a few months back and we cannot start our mornings without a nutriblast. We are hooked and have both lost weight already! I also have a juicer and a ninja and they just don’t compare at all. We are fans for life!

  • L2heat

    why don’t any of the recipes call for yogurt?

  • Dana

    I’m not giving up but I found myself the most constipated I’ve ever been in my life after 3 of these nutrient drinks.  I suppose there was no roughage left to do the job.  Does this get better in time is what I want to know.

    • Jane Hawley Storey

      don’t give up it’s awesome, & healthy….we didn’t have that problem at all…if anything, more regular than ever!!!!

  • Linj1958

    Love it, but can you put ice in it? Dont want to mess up machine. Just want an answer to
    My question.

    • Jane Hawley Storey

      yes you can use ice!

  • Jane Hawley Storey

    I too love my nutri bullet….it is so easy and so good for us!
    I recommend you buy it at Bed Bath & Beyond as it is $99 and if you have their 20% off coupon, available online, it is a very good deal and to top that BBB offer a lifetime warranty! Wish I had know that before I bought mine elsewhere!! Enjoy!!

  • Lauren

    Can anyone tell me if it would work in Australia with of course the plug adapter?

  • goldhelmet

    I just started using my nutribullet today and just drank my first nutriblast – 1/2 spinach veggies and for fruit had one avocado (without the pit and skin of course), a few strawberries, 1/4 cup blueberries, a banana + 1/8 cup quino (used mill blade) and 10 cashew halves. Filled water to max line but not above. The drink came out VERY thick. Is it supposed to be really thick? I extracted for a long time, added a little more water and used the “shake” technique. Blended one more time. It still came out pretty thick. Is it my ingredients, or is it supposed to be thick? It was drinkable but I’ve tasted other people’s drinks and they really taste good. Mine was just tolerable.

  • annoyed

    When is it available in Australia for a price comparable to the us price? I hsd been using an Aldi brand bullet blender but it didn’t chew through the seeds like you see in the tv ads on tv4me in Sydney and mid 200’s is a rip off compared to the us 100

  • sid

    how long does it take to recieve?

  • Lee

    Where do you get spares from if you live in Australia. I emailed the US/ Canada address (the only one available on the official website) and they were less than helpful

  • Tony Phillips

    I don’t even know if this thread is open now, but I will give it a shot.

    I just got the Nutribullet for Christmas. I have suffered with anxiety for 2 decades, and I put on a ton of weight because I didn’t feel good so I didn’t work out and the meds I was on didn’t help. My question is, is there any recipes that deal with anxiety issues?

  • Cyn

    Can I blend with almond milk or milk or yogurt – with the nutrimix? Instructions just say water.

  • Julie Rose

    Do u have to mill the flax seed or can u dump it right in the mixer as is? Also does freezing ruin it’s nutritional benefits?

  • Amelia-Rose

    I have a slight problem I have been put on a low fibre diet low fat diet because i have gastro perisis. I wuld still like to use my nutri bullet but am really unsure is ther anyone that could help me please and thanku. :-) gastro perisis meanz i have delayed stomach emptying an my stomach dobt digest food causing malnutrition its a bit like cgrons but has the opposite effect with undigestd food.

  • Fred

    Used out nutribullet 15 to 20 times since 8/2014 . blended some peaches
    for out nerwborn and smoke started coming out of it / bad smell… Not
    happy with the Quality of this Product. All your ads on TV make it
    sound so great but its a piece of dangerous Crap.. not happy will be
    letting all my Friends know how bad this product is.

  • cucotx

    Hot off the press!

    I love my NutriBullet, but it should come with a warning.

    I have been using the NutriBullet for a year. I practically eat out of it. Because of it, I ended up in the emergency room last week. Horrific abdominal pains. A Catscans revealed that I had a blocked Colon. The Colonoscopy that I just had today ruled out Cancer and Colitis. The Gastroenterologist told me that I went overboard with my NutriBullet.

    So, the moral of the story he said, is that fiber is great, but make sure you drink plenty of water with it or it may put you in the hospital.

  • Brenda Bennett VanRootselaar

    I bought my nutribullet two years ago and loved it….at first. That was when I was only making blueberry and spinach smoothies. So I was bored with that one so tried strawberries, blackberries raspberries….gross. Seeds! So annoying and I can’t stand them in my mouth. So I now understand why people buy the expensive blenders like blendtec etc, I have not had one in a long time and can’t afford an expensive blender so will just stick to eating fresh fruit as is.

  • BJ Bourke

    YES you can add ice to the nutribullet – A cold nutribullet is always better than a warm one :)

  • Anthony

    Is it effective to use as a food processor, for example if I want to create my own protein bars. thanks

  • Haani Altaf

    In nutri bullet Which blade should I use to ground beef or chicken or lamb…and should I put water or can I grind it dry ???