The 5 Pillars To Simple Weight Loss For Busy Professionals and Entrepreneurs

When going on your own lean strong body journey, there are some key pillars you must have in place for you to be successful in getting awesome results. In the tips below you will find each pillar that will help you along your journey, and you will also learn one key action step for you to follow that will help you reach your goal.

PILLAR #1 Having the Right Food

80% of losing fat and getting your body into peak top shape hinges on what you put into your mouth. If you put junk in your mouth, you get a negative result in your body, it is just that simple.

For you to totally transform your body you must have the right foods available for you to eat, and upon getting the right foods in your kitchen, you must know how to eat them, in what portions, at the specific times throughout the day to achieve the optimal result you are seeking.

At first this may be difficult, but in the end…it is one of the most important parts of the process to achieving your dream of a lean strong body.

As a busy professional and entrepreneur, it is important that you plan your meals at the start of the day after you “lock in” the time you eat breakfast. Focus on eating once every three hours from that point forward ensuring that you hit your ideal calorie count for the day, while also making sure that you integrate a healthy balance of proteins, carbs, fats and fruits and veggies.

Remove all the bad food from your kitchen, and buy healthy real food once per week or once every two weeks…whatever works best for you.

PILLAR #2 Holding Yourself Accountable

It has been proven time and time again that those who have an accountability system in place to ensure they reach a goal will succeed more times than those who don’t have an accountability system in place.

An accountability system can be as simple as telling your friend you are going to commit to transforming your body, and that you will send him an e-mail every Monday to update him on your progress. Because you will not want to let him down, you will more than likely stick to the plan you lay out for yourself because you don’t want to look bad for going back on your word.

Create a way for you to hold yourself accountable as you go through your transformation process

PILLAR #3 Removing Your Emotional Attachment to Food

What you may not realize is that one of the reasons you may be over-eating, and/or eating the wrong foods is because you have tied too many positive emotions to eating bad foods.

The best thing you can do right now is remove your emotional attachment to food, and instead of seeing something that brings you pleasure, instead see it as a fuel source that is going to help you get the result you want to accomplish.

The sooner that you allow yourself to let go of the emotions of eating the bad stuff, the easier it is going to be to stick to your plan and get amazing results.

Take some time to think about why you eat certain foods that you know are bad for you and that you are emotionally attached to. Find a way to remove the emotional attachment from these “bad” foods and think about healthy alternatives that you could replace them with. E.G. If you love candy, replace it with a sweet orange or a pear.

PILLAR #4 Taking Consistent Forward Moving Action

When following an effective body transformation plan, you will always have to stay aware of what you have done each day to move yourself forward. Not only will you be focused on eating the right foods, but more so you will have to stay on top of the last time you have worked out during the week.

Taking the right actions each day, paired with the right food plan will yield the best results possible as you transform your body, even with the busy schedule as an entrepreneur.

Here is are the facts Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you are not going to lose all the fat that you want overnight. Knowing and committing to specific actions each and every day, and doing them without any resistance is the only way to accomplish what it is that you truly want.

As you achieve success it gets easier because you become addicted to the results you are achieving.

Like anything the hardest part is starting and maintaining for those first 1 or 2 weeks. After that it is all down hill from there and is incredibly exciting.

Think about the 4-5 things you can do each week to help you get closer to your body transformation goal…whatever it may be…and then find creative ways to integrate them into your life with your busy schedule to help you achieve what you have set out to do.

PILLAR #5 Enjoying and Celebrating the Success with Others

On your journey, every time you hit a milestone be sure to celebrate. Go out and do something fun with friends, and or go treat yourself to a healthy dinner at your favorite restaurant.

When you pat yourself on the back for a job well done it is positive reinforcement to continue on the journey 100%.

Figure out your first milestone that you want to achieve, write it down and stick it somewhere in your life where you will see it each and every day to help you stay committed to your goal.

  • Jeannette Paladino

    Scott — all excellent tips. I’ve lost 40 pounds in the past 2 years. One mistake people make is that they set unrealistic goals. They want to lose all the weight right away. Well, it took a long time to put on, so take your time as long as you’re going in the right direction. I’ve learned that dieting doesn’t work. Deprivation doesn’t work. Each of us has to figure out what works for us that we can keep doing as a way of life. It is never easy taking it off and keeping it off.

  • Anonymous

    Great tips Scott, It is good to see this subject being raised.  We tend to sit in front our computers so much, then go for something fast to eat that is totally unhealthy.  I know the feeling, because I had got caught up with that once.  Without our health, were are we anyway?  Nowhere!  It is important to eat properly.
    I make time in my daily agenda planning to take an hour to cook an organic meal.  My husband and I are both internet marketers full time and the morning hours can turn quickly to nightfall when doing this business.
    Great tips and people need to follow them.  Hey, you are what you eat!
    Donna Merrill