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Scott PicHi my name is Scott Bradley. Thank you for your interest in my body transformation story. I hope my story inspires you to go on your own personal transformation journey, and use the Lean Strong Body website as your guide.

I created Lean Strong Body specifically for people like you who have hit their “proverbial breaking point” when it comes to being sick and tired of being sick and tired of being fat, unhealthy and out of shape no matter where you are in your life.

All the information on this website, and the programs I recommend, take into account that you have a crazy busy schedule as an entrepreneur, mother with kids, or executive with a career that gives you little time or no time for yourself outside the office. I know you are looking for a solution that still allows you to succeed in spite of your current commitments and circumstances.

Where I Began

Scott Before Front

This photo of me was taken on June 24, 2010.

And it signals one of the most miserable times I have ever taken a picture.

When I look at that photo, the one word that hits my consciousness is “Why.”

The questions start to race through my mind…

“Why did I let myself get to this overweight unhealthy place?”

“Why as a high school and collegiate athlete did I let it get this bad?”

“Why as an entrepreneur did I allow myself to use the “too busy” excuse all the time when it came to eating healthy and working out?”

“Why did I allow the sudden and unexpected passing of my father to dictate how I would treat my body, and use the horrible life-changing event to justify why I got to be this heavy and unhealthy?”

The thought that I went into college at 205 lbs at 6’2″, and allowed myself to be pushing the scale as high as 270 lbs around early 2010…is ABSOLUTELY disgusting to me.

I still remember the various inner conversations that I would have with myself when I was faced with a choice to eat something healthy, or eat something crappy no matter what situation I was in…

“Scott your Dad died. Don’t just sit there and pass on what you really want to eat. Fuck the world and play the victim. You have every right to do this to yourself and enjoy life while you can. You never know, tomorrow may be your final day…”

“Scott you are too busy to work out right now. You need to keep working to get ahead and don’t have time to eat healthy, or shop for the right food…or God forbid…COOK something that is actually good for you!”

If you have lost someone close to you, or if you live a crazy busy life as a business person or busy mom, I am sure you can relate to similar inner conversations you have with yourself in the moment when you have a choice to eat something healthy, or eat something that will only set yourself back.

I know exactly what it feels like to have the similar inner conversation with yourself, and how it can drive you completely nuts, keeping you stuck in your current “circle of sameness” without a way out.

These daily inner conversations I would have with myself were the root to the destructive life patterns that I carried out every single day of my life…that when compounded over time led to the picture taken above.

As I think about all of this now, and let the words flow through my fingers onto this page, I become present to the fact that I became that way because I wasn’t making myself a priority, and was using external excuses such as “being too busy” and “my fathers death” as the way I could justify me looking like this to everyone else who saw me.

A quote comes to mind…

“Excuses are lies you tell yourself, make an effort, not an excuse.” (I believe Robert Kiyosaki said this, but I may be wrong)

After taking the photo and looking at it…that was the moment I committed to NEVER allowing myself to get to that place EVER again.

I wasn’t going to allow undisciplined eating, and a crazy stressful hectic lifestyle lead me back to looking like I did in this picture.

(If you are curious about how my father passed – he passed away due to a silent heart attack right in front of me and other family members in a matter of 30 seconds. His wake was on my 19th birthday, and his funeral was the day before Thanksgiving. At the end of the week, my mother and brother hopped on a plane back to CA while I still stayed at Boston College to finish out the semester. I chose to go back for my second semester and finish out my four years at school without ever taking a semester off to fully grieve the loss.)

More of My Story and A Glimpse of Hope

After graduating from college in May of 2008, I eventually got a job working for the Macy’s Home Store in NYC. I was set to go down the corporate buying track in the personal care and electronics division in the corporate office.

I was living in NYC in the Upper East Side paying 1550/month for rent for a two room studio (Yes I Know…INSANE) and literally living on pennies as extra to feed myself, and live a life as a newly graduated college student out of school.

I believe the “starving myself” pockets of time during that period only accelerated my weight gain after the fact when I took on this new opportunity.

After a brief chain of events, I got a new opportunity to work with an author in New Jersey where I managed everything dealing with his web and internet stuff as the “Chief Get It Done Guy.”

This is where I really started to pack on the weight because I would show up at 7 or 8 AM, and not get home until 9:30 or 10:00pm at night. I would eat the crappiest food and be drinking soda during the day and Burger King for dinner when I got home.

I didn’t want to cook because I didn’t know what to make, or because I was too tired or lazy to actually make something healthy. It was my lack of education about food, eating and exercise…and my unwillingness to actually give a shit, which caused me to pack on more weight.

Up until that point I never had to worry about what I was doing, or how my body would react to my eating because I was always so active playing sports. I always thought “I could keep the body I had” because I just didn’t know anything else leading up to that point.

In June 2009 I was able to move back to CA (home state) working remotely for the author, and in July 2009 the author and I parted ways.

More weight was packed on during the time between parting ways with the author and the photo at the top of this page.

I remember nights where I would order a full large pizza from Pizza Hut and devour the entire thing in 30 minutes. I would be drinking soda and other crap…and just be miserable.

I would always say to myself…

“I am going to start on Monday…Just one more crappy meal and then never again!”

Sound familiar?

During the time after parting ways with the author and when that picture was taken, I came across two specific individuals are the reason you are reading this story right now, and the reason why this website exists.

I found the first person while I was on (a social bookmarking website that is like a “supermarket of content” broken down by categories), and I came across one of the person’s articles showing how different types of cardio cause the body to lose weight differently.

The article shows a picture of a marathon runner and sprinter…where the marathon runner looks like skin and bones and the sprinter looks ripped and strong.

I ended up reaching out to him because his story resonated with me.

He went to college, played lacrosse and after he graduated he started working on Wall Street. During that time, he gained a lot of weight and lost the six pack he had while in college.

After he found out the secret ways to losing fat without losing muscle, and being able to strategically make it happen even with a busy schedule…I had to reach out to him.

(More on that later)

The second person that crossed my path was a celebrity nutritionist outside of Los Angeles.

I was introduced to her because a friend thought I would be able to help her with copywriting, product creation and marketing funnel building.

After talking with her manager and going through her product to write the copy for her sales letter and website, I remember saying to myself, “It can’t be this easy!…Really?!”

(More on that later)

There Is Hope, and The Beginning of The Rest of My Life

So after reaching out to the first person who crossed my path, I started on his workout program that focused on doing 3 workouts per week for 45 minutes. As I went through program I thought to myself…OK I can commit to this even though I am a busy entrepreneur because I am not going to allow myself to continue on the path I was going down.

In preparation…

I took the time to figure out how I would make it happen, and put it in my calendar so no one would be able to occupy that time during the week.

Item 1 of 2…CHECK!

With the Celebrity Nutritionist, I went through every page of her product, and listened to all the audios (because I had to write the copy for the sales page), and after consuming all the information I knew it would be smart to incorporate this eating plan into my daily regimen (which is really easy by the way) while also working out 3 days per week with the workout program I committed to.

Item 2 of 2…CHECK!

So at that point it was time to take action.

The very first thing I did was open up the cabinets and refrigerator and threw away all of the crap.

Getting rid of the poisonous food was the first step.

Then I did something that I didn’t think I would ever be able to do…

I actually shot a video and threw it out on my facebook page, showing people what I purchased at the store.

Here is that video (opens up in a separate window)

As you can see in that video, I was ready to make a change, in a place to commit, and was sick and tired of being sick and tired of being fat, out of shape and incredibly unhealthy. After shooting that video, I also committed to myself that I would shoot a video every week updating my social media peeps on my progress (the links to the other videos are in the comments if you are interested.)

I was well on my way to transforming my body and taking myself through a journey that I never would have expected.

The Work

As I was going through the process of working out and eating like I learned, the weight literally was falling off.

In the first week I lost 5 pounds, and the second week another 5 pounds fell effortlessly off my body.

I felt better than I had ever felt in a really long time…and I knew I was just getting started.

The workouts at first totally sucked…but what kept me going was the vision I had for myself that I knew I wanted.

This inner drive was what kept me motivated to continue to make the best choices for myself, and my body.

I found that after the first two weeks, it became a natural way to live, and I actually started loving how I was feeling. I didn’t want to eat crap anymore because the current feeling I had far outweighed any short term pleasure I would get from eating a piece of horrible food.

I knew at this point, this 180 degree lifestyle change would stick, and stay with me the rest of my life for good!

And it has…even to this day.

Never will I ever go back to what I was, because I am armed with the right knowledge and skills to maintain or even get to a better place than I already am.

I “Cracked the Code” if you will on how to lose weight, get lean and stay strong even as a busy professional, entrepreneur or busy mom.

The Result

Below are my three before and after pictures.

I ended up losing 52 pounds (Going from 255-203) and took my body fat percentage from 30%-15%.

What is even crazier is that my waist went from a size 40” to 34”.

Scott Front Results

Scott Side Results

Scott Back Results

I also shot a final video celebrating the entire thing…

Here is the link (opens in separate window)

The Happy Ending

After experiencing the type of success that I did, I became passionate about giving other people the tools and knowledge they need to follow in my footsteps to create their own lean strong body success story!

Throughout this entire website you will find free resources, and recommended workout programs picked specifically with you in mind (busy professional, entrepreneur or mom).

Articles and recipes are posted during the week, and everything you will ever need to reach your ideal weight loss or body transformation goal is here in this website for the taking.

To this day I still live like this, and my next goal is to get to 10% body fat and have six pack abs.

I know that this may not be a goal for you, but I am letting you know because I know it is the only way I will be able to make it happen!

Read PS Below

Best of luck on your journey, and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

You can contact me here.


Scott Signature

P.S. If you are interested in the eating system, sign up for this free resource, and if you are interested in the workout I used, visit the recommended page and find the one at the bottom of the page explaining that it is the one I used.