Tasty Breakfast Ideas

In my previous e-mail to you, I talked about the importance of staying consistent with your workouts and eating.

With this in mind I realize that you may need some healthy breakfast that ideas that are quick to make and don’t hold back on taste, but will stay in line with your target calorie goal.

Below are a few quick recipes I used along my journey to losing 52 pounds of fat.

Breakfast Idea #1
3 Scrambled Eggs (use coconut oil to grease pan)
Coaches Oats Oatmeal with a little milk
10 raw almonds
Green Tea
8 oz. of Orange Juice

Breakfast Idea #2
3 Egg Omelet with Chicken and Spinach (use coconut oil to grease pan)
10 raw almonds
Green Tea
8 oz. of Orange Juice

Breakfast Idea #3
Scrambled Egg Sandwich with Spelt Bread (Spelt is a special type of grain)
10 raw almonds
Green Tea
8 oz. of Orange Juice

Breakfast Idea #4
1 Cup of Greek Yogurt with a spoonful of honey
1 Cup of sliced grapefruit (Get it at Costco)
3 Eggs
Green Tea

Breakfast Idea #5
3 Scrambled Eggs (use coconut oil to grease pan)
2 Slices of Spelt Toast with 1 Tbsp of Peanut Butter
Green Tea
8 oz. of OJ

If you notice with each one of these breakfast ideas, they include a lean healthy protein, a carbohydrate and a little bit of fat. These breakfast ideas are set up like this on purpose because when you set up your meals this way, it is ideal for your body to use the food in the best way possible!

When you choose to only eat carbohydrates for breakfast your body spikes your blood sugar, insulin rushes through your system to take out all of the sugar, and then you crash and are hungry again. Not only does this reek havoc on your system, but it also puts your body into a fat storing mode.

When you eat a lean healthy protein with a whole grain, healthy carbohydrate, it allows your body to stabilize blood sugar more effectively keeping your body in the fat burning zone all day.

When you duplicate this eating framework for every one of your meals, you simply can’t go wrong!

If you have any questions about these recipes, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Stay tuned for my next e-mail where I will be giving you some great ideas for lunch and dinner!

Scott Bradley
LeanStrongBody.com Founder

P.S. As you know eating is only half the battle to losing your first 10 pounds. Make sure you are working out as well! Visit the Recommended Page to learn about the specific workout programs I recommend you use to compliment your healthy eating plan!

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