The Lifestyle

Here at Lean Strong Body it is our goal to make sure we educate you to about what you need to know to reach your lean strong body goal, and help you understand why we are sharing specific information with you that will help you reach your goal, so you can always remember why you are implementing specific behaviors and habits into your life…and not just blindly following a program/system without understanding how it works.

Being educated about how your body works as you transform your figure with strategic food and exercise choices is half the battle of reaching your lean strong body goal!

There are too many companies and programs out there that help people transform their bodies by giving them a program, but once they finish the program, they normally go back to their old ways and end up right where they started in no time. This is a frustrating cycle that individuals endure, and we as a company want to make sure you don’t experience that frustrating yo-yo experience.

Not only is getting a lean strong body a commitment to yourself, but is an entire lifestyle choice that will not only transform your professional career, but positively impact every other aspect of your life forever. Having a healthy mind, body and soul is essential to living your best life possible.

Getting a lean strong body is half the battle while keeping and maintaining it is another thing to always be mindful of in your thoughts and actions. Below are the key Lean Strong Body Life Pillars to live by as you get a lean strong body, and keep it for the rest of your life!

The Lean Strong Body Lifestyle Pillars

*Eat once every three hours until you hit your ideal daily caloric needs – Depending if you are losing fat, or building muscle (you can’t do both at the same time), or just maintaining your ideal weight, you will have a specific daily caloric need depending on what you are focusing on.

*Eat a lean protein and a whole grain healthy carbohydrate each meal – For you to effectively reach your lean strong body goal, you must make sure that every meal you integrate these two macronutrients to have a positive effect on your blood sugar to keep it in the “fat burning zone.” Special Note: Adding vegetables or fruit to a meal is also an option depending on what meal of the day you are having.

*Focus on losing fat without losing muscle – The first step to getting a lean strong body is to focus on getting all of the unnecessary fat off of your body, so you can then get to a point where you can focus on building muscle if you choose. Once you get to your ideal weight, and desired body composition make sure you focus on living by these pillars to maintain your new body and figure forever.

*Only drink water during the day, and stay away from soda and sugary drinks – Drinking calories and sugary drinks is one of the worst things you can do as they spike blood sugar which tells your body to go into “fat storing mode.” By drinking water you keep your system clean, and functioning properly.

*Stay away from all traces of GMO’s in the food that you eat – GMO’s are “genetically modified organisms,” and are foreign substances that your body doesn’t know how to effectively process. When GMO’s enter the body, there are some damaging effects, and in most cases they turn to fat and cause harm to other parts of the body. One rule to follow is that if you look at an ingredient label and you don’t know what it, is do your research and see if it is a substance that is a GMO. The most common forms of GMO’s in our food are soy, canola, corn, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose). Fact: 80% of the foods that are on grocery store shelves contain GMO’s in them. Read your ingredient labels!

*Do physical activity at least three times per week – No matter what you do, make sure that you integrate some form of physical activity three times per week. You can work out at the gym, or go for a walk or run. If you are planning to do gym workouts we recommend that you use one of these  programs to help you achieve your lean strong body goals just as our founder did where he lost 52 lbs of fat in 6 months and 6 days and took his body fat percentage from 30%-15%.

*Workout on an empty stomach – When you work out on an empty stomach (2-3 hours after a meal), your body is in prime condition to burn the most amount of fat off your body during intense exercise. This happens because your body uses fat as an energy source instead of the food in your stomach. When losing fat from your body, this is one key pillar to follow that will help you effectively reach your goals.