The Main Reason Why Most People Don’t Achieve Their Dream Body and How To Fix it!

How many times have you wanted to change your body and health for the better, but fell short because “life happened?”

Now, with that number in mind, how many times did you put off working out or eating right because you were going to “start on Monday” but never followed through?


When thinking about your two answers, you will uncover the main reason why most people don’t achieve their dream body.

Can you guess what it is?

If you haven’t already figured it out yet, the main reason why most people don’t achieve their dream body is because they fail to stay consistent with whatever body transformation program and/or eating program they choose to follow.

The Irony

There are millions of great workout and eating programs out there, and with the various nutrition and workout experts at your disposal for free via Google and YouTube, there really is no excuse for why you are struggling with being unhealthy and out of shape.

Think about this.

If you simply applied the right knowledge, and paired it with the right behaviors consistently throughout the week, there is no reason that over a specified period of time you wouldn’t reach your dream body goal.

The only thing you will have to realize and accept is that it will take time, and won’t happen overnight. This is where most people get frustrated. They are looking for the magic pill that will get them their result in a week when it truly doesn’t exist!

How To Overcome This “Consistency” Problem

Knowing that the key to truly getting your dream body is to stay consistent with any program you choose, here are six tips for you that will help you stay committed to getting healthy dropping some weight in the process.

1. Learn why you are following specific behaviors to reach your goal

If you don’t know why you are following specific behaviors to help you reach your goal, how else are you going to stay committed to doing them on a consistent basis? When you know why you are doing something, and how it will contribute to you reaching your goal, it is hard to do something that flies in the face of what you know you should be doing. If you need help with this, seek out the right experts, and/or invest in the best programs, that will teach you what you need to know and why it is important so you aren’t just blindly taking action.

2. Have an accountability buddy

Reach out to a close friend and ask them to help you reach your goal. The best thing you can do is contact them every Saturday to go over what you did during the week and how you are progressing along your journey.

3. Keep a food journal

Record everything that you are eating each day so you become consciences about what you are putting into your mouth. With a food journal, you will find that as you go throughout each day, you will hate writing down the bad stuff you eat because it is what is holding you accountable.

4. Weekly weigh ins

Make it a habit to record your weight every monday morning at the same time. Record your number in a separate note book or a white board. There is nothing more motivating for you to see the number going down over a set period of time!

5. Get the right information and best program and stay consistent with it!

The bottom line is that only you can physically make the changes in your life to reach your intended goal. The accountability buddy and/or mentor you choose to work with can only take you so far.

To help you stay consistent, always make an effort to focus on the goal that you want to achieve and every time you find yourself wanting to put off a healthy meal or workout it will remind you why you are staying consistent with the right behaviors. You will be surprised how motivating this is when you derive your motivation from wanting to achieve your desired end result.

6. Reward yourself

When you reach a small goal along your journey, such as losing 10 pounds within the first 30 days, reward yourself in some way that will keep you motivated to reach the next goal/milestone. No matter how far you have to go along your journey, this will help you to stay on track and reward yourself for the small successes along the way.

7. BONUS: Engage your social network

Engage your social network if you are up for it to further give you the motivation to stay consistent with achieving your dream body. There is nothing more embarrassing than telling a large group of people you are doing something, and then not following through. By sharing your goal with your network, it will be putting leverage on you to keep up with the right behaviors until you reach your goal! Plus, it is really fun sharing your success with people who know you are working hard to achieve something! This is no different!


Knowing that the main reason why most people don’t achieve their dream body, you now are aware what you can do to help you stay on track to reaching your goal. No matter what program you choose to follow, or who you seek out in the process, staying consistent is the only thing that will make any program work! Don’t fall victim to “life happening to you.” Take your goal by the horns and make it happen!