The Second Important Lesson

As I stated in my previous e-mail to you, I wanted you to write down why you wanted to lose 10 pounds. Have you done this yet? If not, do it now!

Ok now that you have that out of the way, today’s e-mail is about the second important lesson to helping you reach your goal of losing your first 10 pounds.

You want to guess what it is?

While the first lesson in this course is focused on helping you figure out your personal “WHY” for wanting to lose 10 pounds, this lesson is even more important to helping you reach your goal!

Now to the lesson…

The truth is that if you want to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. There is no going around this fact, so please let it sink in!


For you to know how many calories you should be eating on a daily basis to start the process of losing the weight, you must first take the time to calculate how many calories your body is burning per day on auto-pilot.

This number is called your, “Daily Calorie Burn.”

To figure out this number follow this simple calculation below…

If you are a man, take your current weight, and multiply it by 14, and if you are a women multiply your current weight by 12.

This number is what is called your Basal Metabolic Rate (aka Daily Calorie Burn), and tells you how many calories your body burns per day when going about your normal activities.

This number is important because for you to start losing weight, you will need to eat less calories than this number every day to lose your first 10 pounds. Whereas if you wanted to maintain your weight you would just eat this amount of calories per day and you wouldn’t gain or lose any weight!


To create the ideal caloric deficit to start you on your weight loss path, I was told that it would be best to eat 70% of those calories each day to kick start my weight loss progress.

So if you calculated 2000 calories, make sure that you eat at least 1400 calories per day until you reach your desired weight loss goal. (2000 x .7 = 1400)

Now that you know how many calories that you need to eat per day, you are probably wondering, “What exactly should I eat, how often, and when each day.”

I am glad you asked because that is what e-mail #3 is going to be about, which you will receive in your inbox from me tomorrow!

I look forward to helping you lose your first 10 pounds, and am here to answer any of your questions.

Have a great rest of the day!

Scott Bradley Founder

P.S. I know it sounds hard to believe but it is really easy to create tasty healthy meals really quickly, when you know what you are doing! Be sure to not miss tomorrow’s e-mail!

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