What Did You Eat For Breakfast Today?

Did you haphazardly skip it because you didn’t think it was important, or did you just do one of those “grab a piece of toast” or “drink a glass a juice,” or “enjoy a cup of coffee” routines that you may be used to?

With breakfast being the first meal of the day, it is by far one of the most important meals because by the time breakfast rolls around, there have been at least 10-13 hours since you last put food into your body since dinner time.

As breakfast time comes, your body is craving some good healthy lean protein, and some whole grain carbohydrates to fuel its system as it gets ready for the day. Because the systems in our body are fueled by glucose, it is essential that you put a balanced amount of protein and carbohydrates into your body for breakfast.

If you don’t have a healthy mix of protein and carbs with your breakfast and other meals throughout the day, you will either spike your blood sugar, and have a horrible crash later (all carb breakfast), or you will be tired all morning if you just choose to eat protein.

Skipping breakfast could be a bad move, as it could keep your blood sugar low, and make you experience headaches come lunch time. After you eat breakfast it sets the tone for the rest of the day, don’t miss out on this important meal!

If you need a quick and easy breakfast idea as a busy entrepreneur, here is a simple breakfast you can make to start your day that shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to make in the morning.

1) Oatmeal (Various Brands – Make sure you get whole grain oats, not instant oatmeal)

Depending on what oatmeal that you choose to use, it takes 2-4 minutes depending on the brand that you choose. There will be future videos on specific foods to choose, so be sure to always check back.

2) 2 Eggs + 2 Egg Whites

I take a pan and grease it with coconut oil (better than olive oil because it has a higher smoke point). As that is happening put two eggs in a bowl, and make sure to take the egg yolks out to have two egg whites total. Then put the rest of the egg whites in and mix. If you choose add a little pepper to it to spice it up.

3) A piece of fruit (apple, pear, grapefruit)

This will give your body key nutrients that it needs, and help you fill your stomach with fiber helping you feel fuller longer.

4) Glass of water + cold glass of green tea.

Keeping your body hydrated during the day is key in helping you maintain a fat burning state as you go throughout your day.

Make sure that after you eat breakfast, you take note at what time it is, and add three hours to it, which will be the time to eat your second meal of the day. There will be future articles posted about why this is important, but for now be sure to stay consistent in the frequency of your eating pattern every 3 hours.

As a busy entrepreneur, making sure your body has the right fuel that helps you burn fat, keep muscle, and get lean is essential, and this one breakfast recommendation is one option that you can implement into your life easily and effortlessly in 15 minutes or less per day!