What The Supplement Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know, How it Can Hurt You, and What You Can Do About It Right Now


How many times have you walked into a store to purchase a specific supplement for your health?

If you are like more than half of Americans who consume dietary supplements on a daily basis[1], you definitely are not alone!

For many years, health professionals the world over have educated the masses about the benefits of using specific supplements to “fill in nutrient gaps” in their diet.

It is well known and documented that taking supplements helps our bodies get what we need.

This is especially relevant because we already know that our food is not able provide all the necessary nutrients that we require.

And with that being said I have a very important question to ask you.

When you make the choice to buy a specific supplement for your health…

What specific aspects about the product are you taking into consideration?

There are obviously many different factors that will impact your choice…

But do you really have all the information you need to make the best choice for you?

Here’s why I am asking you this question…

Did you know that the FDA DOES NOT regulate the health supplement market?


It’s true.

Even though more than half of Americans are consuming health supplements, most people don’t know this simple fact.

Here are two screenshots from the FDA’s website that clearly illustrate this point [2][3].



As you can see…

Supplement companies can put products on the shelf or sell them through a direct marketing company without having to “Get them approved or authorized to sell by the FDA.”

If this is news to you, it was news to me too.

After taking the time to let those facts sink in, it troubled me greatly.

In my past, I took everything on a supplement label at face value.

I never questioned if what was on the label was actually in the product because I never had any reason to question it.

You know what I mean?

So when I read both of those images above on the FDA’s website, I came to a really sobering conclusion.

Companies can put products on the shelf or launch them into the marketplace that haven’t passed the FDA’s “stink test,” and sell something that is not 100% in alignment with what is on the label.

And here is the scary part…

The only way the FDA ever steps in is after a problem has been identified…not before.

Taking this a step further…

In the past, ABC News covered a story where traces of lead were found in specific calcium supplements [4].

Here is another article written by Consumer Affairs showing that only 21% of tested supplements contained what the labels promised. The specific supplements tested were being sold at GNC, Target, Walmart and Walgreens.

Can you believe those articles?

I couldn’t either!

If any of these products had to pass the FDA’s stink test before being put on the shelf, there is no way they would have ever made the cut!


If everything you’ve read up to this point makes you angry, trust me I have been there.

Here’s the bottom line…

The moment you start putting two and two together about the relationship between the supplement industry and the FDA, it will make you question every health supplement that you consider putting into your body from now until you are six feet under.

And as you are taking all of this in…

I am going to assume that you are asking yourself two questions right now:

Question #1
How can I know for sure if the ingredients and statements on the supplement label (for the products I am buying) are actually in the product in the amounts they are claiming?

Question #2
Is there a way for me to know without a shadow of a doubt if the company I am buying health supplements from is 100% in integrity with what they are selling or not?

I’m so glad you asked, because I have the answers for you!

After doing extensive research, what I have learned is that there IS a way for you to make an informed choice.

You do not have to run the risk of consuming a health supplement where label is out of alignment with what is in the bottle anymore.

Here’s what you need to know, and how you can apply it to all your future purchases.

For a product to pass my personal “stink test” now…

The key is to look for what 3rd party certifications the product has.

What are the main 3rd party certifications you should look for when buying any health supplement?

Here is the list of the important 3rd party certifications I will look for from this day forward:

Certified GMP
NSF Certified
SQF Certified
Silliker Certified
USP Certified
Kosher Certified (Jewish Faith)
Halal Certified (Muslim Faith)

What these certifications provide you as the consumer is the peace of mind knowing that what is on the label is actually in the product.

There is no “shady business” going on, when you see these certifications on health supplements.

The more certifications that you have on the label the better, and the greater peace of mind you will have over the lifetime of taking that supplement.

Here are the facts…

For a supplement company to maintain these certifications, it costs them a lot of money.

Even though getting your product certified by these 3rd party organizations can be really expensive, smart supplement companies realize that if they did not having these certifications on their products, there would be a high-likelihood that consumers won’t trust them (this is a growing trend, and it is only gaining steam).

Recently, a major supplement company that you may or may not be aware of took out an advertisement pointing out that their products were certified by one of the above certification companies.

What does that tell you?

When I saw that ad a few months ago, that is when I realized how big this trend was going to be, and how we are only at the beginning of this hitting the main stream.

Having the supplement products you consume certified by 3rd parties is now more important than ever as we move forward into the future

Here’s why…

Another other industry we can examine where this a similar trend has exploded in a different context is the entire Non-GMO movement.

If you are not aware of this trend, here is the back-story…

Over 6+ years ago, the masses didn’t know what a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) was, and how they were being used in specific foods that we commonly eat.

An example of a GMO that we all have heard of is High-Fructose Corn Syrup.

This ingredient is not naturally occurring or found in nature, and has to be made in the laboratory before it is put in a food product to make it sweet.

Right now, there are specific individuals in the marketplace who only buy “Non-GMO Verified” products.

Even though this trend has taken 6+ years to infiltrate the market of the masses, the entire movement is now at a point where massive food companies are seeing profits go down because they are not producing GMO-free options for consumers.

They are rapidly trying to create new Non-GMO solutions for the customers who have abandoned them over this one issue.

Whether you are familiar with this trend or not, you may have even seen this specific certification label on some food products you have purchased.

Non GMO Project Seal

This label means that a specific product has absolutely no traces of GMO’s in it, and companies pay top dollar to get their products certified because of how consumers are voting with their dollars right now in the current food market.

Right now you must ask yourself…

At what point will this “Certification Trend” start happening in the health supplement world where the masses will demand all of the 3rd party certifications be on a health supplement product before they purchase it!?

Here is also another very important fact about the Non-GMO movement that most people don’t understand as well.

Even though you have companies that claim “Non-GMO” on their products and packaging…

You as a consumer cannot be 100% sure that their product is GMO-Free.

The only way you can know for sure that no GMO’s are used in the product you are buying is if the product has that specific “Non-GMO Project Verified” label on it (above).

If you don’t know about the Non-GMO Project…

It was created to certify food products in a way to confirm that there are no GMO’s in them, and to allow people to make an informed choice about what they put into their body.

People now choose “Non-GMO Product Verified” brands over ones that don’t have this certification.


With all of those known facts about how the Non-GMO movement exploded…

I see this entire trend moving into the supplement world at record pace, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of it yet!

We are at the “beginning” of this entire shift, and you can choose to keep doing what you have always done, or educate yourself about what these certifications mean for the supplement world, and how they will impact you and your family.


As I have tirelessly examined the current state of the supplement market, and covered everything in this article up to this point…

I have discovered that many direct sales companies and other health supplement companies are ignoring these specific facts about the importance of certifying their supplements by unbiased 3rd parties.

Here they are again:

Certified GMP
NSF Certified
SQF Certified
Silliker Certified
USP Certified
Kosher Certified (Jewish Faith)
Halal Certified (Muslim Faith)

And because of this…

Going forward I have made a very important decision…

When I need to purchase any health supplement in the future, it is essential that it has as many or all of the above certifications no matter what!

I can no longer, and will not trust any health supplement company at face value anymore.

I mean really!

It’s not worth the risk to buy something that doesn’t carry all of those 3rd party certifications.

Make sense?

Thankfully I have found a multi-vitamin gummy product that is 100% in integrity with everything I require in a multi-vitamin supplement.

I take two of them per day, and here are the credentials to back it up. One of the best parts about it is the taste of the product! I have to stop myself from eating more than two because they are so good!

What is on the label is actually in the product, and it is verified by these specific 3rd parties!

Certified GMP
NSF Certified
SQF Certified
Silliker Certified
Kosher Certified (Jewish Faith)
Halal Certified (Muslim Faith)

I have yet to find any other gummy multi-vitamin that even comes close to having this many certifications.

And adding to this…

Here are some of the other key aspects I absolutely love about this new gummy multi-vitamin:

1. Two Gummies Provide The Same Nutrition As:

Vitamin A of 1 cup of Broccoli
Vitamin B12 in 4 Eggs
Vitamin D3 in 5oz. of Fish
Vitamin C in 1 Whole Orange
Vitamin E in 1 cup of Almonds

2. The Company Who Creates This Also Made The Product:

Peanut Free
Tree Nut Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Soy Free
Gluten Free

I challenge you to find another gummy multi-vitamin that is free of any or all of these ingredients above.

Trust me…I’ve done the research…there isn’t one!

3. The product is safe for children to take! (A child’s dose is 1 gummy per day)

4. During the manufacturing process, they put the nutrients into the gummy AFTER the gummy has been cooked.

This ensures that the nutrients in the gummy are pure, and are not “broken down” in the cooking process.

5. The product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee (you can take advantage of this guarantee once). You can try the product risk-free, and if you don’t like it, you can send it back for a full refund of the purchase price.

And the best part?

The product will cost you less than $1 per day.

You seriously cannot beat the value of what this company is offering in this product.

So in closing…

If you are taking a multi-vitamin, and you know in your heart it doesn’t carry the credentials that ensures it is what it says it is, I would absolutely recommend this product instead.

And if you are taking any other supplements for that matter, I challenge you to do your research and homework to really figure out if the product you are consuming right now is what it says it is.

The only way for you to really know the facts about what you are consuming is to figure out if your product is certified by any of these 3rd parties or not, and what they mean for you.

I would hate for you to be taking things that are not certified, as I personally believe you are putting yourself at risk.

As we have heard many times in the past, “buyer beware!”

[1] More than half take supplements…

[2] Information For Consumers – FDA

[3] Approved By The FDA?

[4] ABC News – Lead in supplements

Disclosure: If you happen to purchase anything I recommend in this or any of my communications, it’s likely I’ll receive some kind of compensation for it. Still, I only recommend stuff that I truly love and use, and happily share with my friends and family. If you ever have an issue with anything I recommend, please let me know. I always have your back, and your growth and happiness in mind. -Scott